In The Past, Many People Thought of a Trip to The Dentist as a Negative Experience.

Today that experience is much different. Just ask the patients at Pewaukee Dental!

Pewaukee Dental has been practicing the art of caring dentistry since 1981. Dr. Aatif Nowman and Dr. Simon Wu, along with their staff at Pewaukee Dental know that the comfort of the patient is always the top priority. A focus of Pewaukee Dental is to help educate the patients to an increased level of knowledge and understanding, and encourage them to make choices about their own health.

Located at 1231 George Towne Dr., Suite D, Pewaukee Dental offers full family dentistry. In addition to cleanings, x-rays, and check-ups, the practice offers natural looking crowns and bridges, partials and dentures, and advanced non-surgical gum treatments. With children, the doctors focuses on preventing problems before they occur. In addition to utilizing sealants to decrease decay, the staff will closely monitor each child’s growth and progress to watch for potential problems.

Pewaukee Dental also offers state-of-the-art cosmetic dental procedures. The staff at Pewaukee Dental works closely together to ensure the comfort of each patient.

“We really go the extra step to make the patient comfortable,” explains Heather, Pewaukee Dental’s Clinical Coordinator. “We try to clearly explain everything and find answers to all of our patient’s questions. We take as much time as is needed to make sure they are comfortable.”