At Pewaukee Dental, we want our patients to understand the importance of preventative care in maintaining a healthy smile. Establishing a preventative program is of paramount importance in engendering good oral health for each and every patient. The program developed will only be successful if a cooperative effort is made on behalf of the dentist, patient, and dental staff for the preservation of natural dentition and for the prevention of, progress, and recurrence of dental conditions and diseases. With the help of our dentists each patient can enjoy a healthy and long lasting smile through comprehensive dental cleanings and prevention service.

The prevention of dental disease is a process that begins at home with oral hygiene practices that are in keeping with good dental health. In addition, practicing a healthy diet is also conducive to exceptional dental health. Our dental office will continue with follow up care offered by the dental hygienist in order to restore, promote, and maintain the best dental health.

Regular Preventative Care is Key to Good Oral Health

Regular prevention is of vital importance on the path to good oral health. Key practices for continuing optimal oral health include regular dental visits for cleanings, x-rays, and exams. Sealants and fluoride are also very helpful in protecting the teeth during preventative care.

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