Here at Pewaukee Dental we want to assure all of our patients that we implement the highest standards of infection control, following all OSHA recommendations and requirements.  Patient and staff safety is always at the forefront of our actions.  Please never hesitate to ask any questions you may have about any of our protocols or procedures.

What does Pewaukee Dental do to comply and exceed infection control standards?

Our patient’s comfort and safety is always our first concern.  We monitor at every level from our commercial grade sterilizer to procedures followed in cleaning the treatment rooms.

  • Weekly spore testing of Magna-Clave and Statim (sterilizing devices) submitted to off-site monitoring facility.
  • Dosimetry badges used to monitor radiation exposure
  • Monitoring tape on all instrument cassettes – to insure each cassette has reached needed temperature during sterilization process to become sterile
  • Use of top rated patient treatment room disinfectant (Cavicide 1).  This product has a one minute kill time against; Tuberculosis, HIV-1, HBV, HCV, Influenza H1N1, MRSA, Salmonella, and EBSL E. coli
  • We are especially proud of our top of the line water purification system (Vista clear) ensures bacteria free water is used at all times.  Maintained weekly, quarterly, and annually following strict manufacturer guidelines.
  • Additional waterline maintenance preformed weekly in each treatment room (Blu Tab)
  • All suction lines are flushed nightly and after every surgical procedure, with high level disinfectant used weekly.  All following manufacturer guidelines
  • High quality disposable syringe needles used and properly discarded of, in biohazard containers, after each patient.
  • Staff follows strict hand hygiene utilizing professional grade hand sanitizer and hand washing protocols.
  • Single use plastic barriers are used on surfaces that are not easily able to be disinfected with approved surface disinfectants that would otherwise be used in treatment rooms and changed after each patient
  • A thorough inspection of all instruments for debris, rust or imperfections is performed at time of sterilization process

How do I know you are sterilizing all instruments correctly?

We monitor our sterilization process step by step.  At Pewaukee Dental, we use four methods to assure sterilization has occurred.  First, we run all instruments thru a high heat steam pre wash then all instruments are thoroughly inspected for debris, rust or imperfections, wrapped and taped with indicator tape that displays when appropriate sterilization time and temperature has been reached, and weekly spore testing of Magna-Clave and Statim (sterilizing devices) submitted to off-site monitoring facility.

How do I know you are keeping me safe?

At Pewaukee Dental, we use single use barrier protection and room disinfection for each and every patient procedure.  We use disposable items to limit chance of cross contamination, and heat sterilize all instruments.  We follow all the protocols for keeping our patients safe, including hand washing, and use of personal protective equipment. Patient comfort and safety is our first concern.

Can I see the sterilization area?

Yes! All areas of our office are welcome for patient viewing as long as we are compliant with infection control and HIPPA Privacy laws. The Comfort and Safety of Our Patients Always Comes First!