Did you know every year there are millions of Americans who forgo dental treatment because of fear or past traumatic dental experiences? Did you know that if treated properly with anxiety-free dentistry (anxiolysis) a majority of these same people could be so relaxed during treatment that they actually fall asleep forgetting a majority of the appointment?

If you are one of these people then Pewaukee Dental is the place for you. We understand having dental work completed is nobody’s idea of a great time. This is why complimentary nitrous oxide (laughing gas) will be provided at your appointments to help calm any dental nerves you may have. Because of how our bodies uptake and process nitrous oxide it not only works fast, it works well, and is quickly reversed meaning you can still safely drive home at the end of your appointment.

If nitrous oxide just doesn’t ever seem to be enough to keep you comfortable and relaxed, a 2 medication combination (one the night before your appointment and one an hour before your appointment) can be utilized to successfully and, more importantly, comfortably treat your dental needs.

If fear of the dentist keeps you from getting the treatment you need and the comfort you deserve, please call and ask us about anxiolysis.

In addition to our anxiolysis options, here are additional comforts you can expect during your visit:

  • Massaging dental chairs
  • Memory foam neck and lower back pillows
  • Headphones and music stations customized to your preferences
  • Clean blankets to help stay warm during your appointment
  • Warm face towels after your dental appointment